Engineered structures operating in or near the marine environment are subject to one of the most aggressive environment for material degradation. Corrosion, erosion, thermal excursion, and last but not least biofouling. Aiming to be reliable and environmental friendly the Ocean Energy Sector need a surface protection system dealing with very hard challenges.

A novel technique is emerging from the shipping and transportation sector in the EU and this is so promising that can guarantee efficacy for more than 25 years with trace emission of organic biocide. This technique is open for novel applications and this is why from the ship sector now it can be exported to the OE sector.

The OCEANIC project will fuse together this new antifouling technology with the established thermal spray aluminum coating to give in a one fit all protection system for long-lasting corrosion and biofouling resistance in the marine environment. This will be called TSA-TSP or just OCEANIC coatings.

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News and Events

OCEANIC Biofouling database

OCEANIC Biofouling database

The OCEANIC Project (represented by WavEC) is at the Business2Sea 2018 event from the 14th to 16th of November in Porto, Portugal, promoting the Biofouling Database developed within the project. As part of the OCEANIC project, the development of a European biofouling... read more
OCEANIC final Workshop / WavEC Seminar

OCEANIC final Workshop / WavEC Seminar

The OCEANIC final workshop /WavEC Seminar took place on the 4th of December 2018 at the Museu de Oriente, in Lisbon, Portugal. The event counted with 137 participants and explored how innovative techniques of surface protection can be applied to offshore... read more


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