First test panels survey in WaveRoller test site, Almagreira beach –  Peniche, within the scope of the OCEANIC project.
After two months of deployment the panels under test were assessed

On the 2nd of November, WavEC environmental team performed a midterm survey of the coatings developed and tested within the scope of the OCEANIC project. The team performed two different dives in WaveRoller marking buoys to obtain video image (video and photography) of the panels under test. The coatings under test included different adhesion methods (e.g., thermal spray aluminum and vinyl esters) with different biocide composition. The structural integrity of the support construction was assessed and each panel was photographed for posterior analyses and coating efficiency verification.

After 6 months of immersion the structures and panels will be retrieved and marine growth and corrosion (in metallic panels) will be assessed. Results are expected to provide inputs on what type of methods and materials should be used to decrease marine growth and corrosion and to improve MRE materials and components resistance and reliability.