Oceanic Project

Engineered structures operating in or near the marine environment are subject to one of the most aggressive environment for material degradation. Corrosion, erosion, thermal excursion, and last but not least biofouling, that is the attachment and growth of undesired organisms on the exposed surface. Corrosion and biofouling are major problems shared among all the structures immersed in seawater. Structures requiring protection include ships, docks and buoys, oil & gas rigs and the emergent ocean renewable energy sector, including wind, wave and tidal generation systems.

In the special case of ocean energy devices this issue has even more impact, because the ocean energy structures and devices need to demonstrate very high reliability in order to be efficient and economical feasible alternative to fossil energy production.


The main goal of the OCEANIC project is to achieve anticorrosion and antifouling protection with a life-time of >10yrs but at the same time achieving this result by an economically and environmentally sustainable way.

The secondary goal will be the monitoring and mapping the different fouling pressures and fouling related corrosion in several test-sites along European test-bed facilities via a study in literature, test-bed database, and from data collected during project’s field tests.