Under the scope of the OCEANIC project the Marine Environment team has deployed an experimental structure to test different coatings techniques (e.g. thermal spray aluminum and Gelcoat) and coating materials (e.g. vinylester, polyester) to achieve coating solution that maximize the protection of materials against marine growth and corrosion and decreases effects on the marine environment, i.e. coatings that do not release any harmful compounds in the marine environment.

The structure was designed and assembled in WavEC premises and was installed in the WaveRoller test site location. After 6 months of immersion the structures and panels will be retrieved and marine growth and corrosion (in metallic panels) will be assessed. Results are expected to provide inputs on what type of methods and materials should be used to decrease marine growth and corrosion and to improve MRE materials and components resistance and reliability. Results will be used to provide informed advice on anti-fouling and anti-corrosion coatings for WaveRoller developers.



Testing of different coatings techniques3Testing of different coatings techniques4

Testing of different coatings techniques2Testing of different coatings techniques1